17 07, 2017

Memento Mori Illustration


The last few weeks have been really a little hectic. I've been having some computer issues, trying to keep on top of commission work, and I ran out of silk for dyeing new kanzashi

Memento Mori Illustration2017-07-16T20:35:50-04:00
10 04, 2017

A Disney Adventure


Every once in a while a friend will ask me to draw a piece for them. I love doing commissions, so when my friend Mary asked if I would do one for her I

A Disney Adventure2017-04-02T14:06:50-04:00
12 08, 2016

A Better Place


This year Dave and I have experienced a great deal of loss. We're certainly in the age group where our older relatives are passing away. But life, as ever, loves to give you the unexpected.

A Better Place2016-11-08T12:52:02-05:00


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