For the most part my weeks are pretty boring. They mostly involve me going to work, sleeping and eating a lot. Art and games kind of get shunted to the side. So, I’m going to use Friday as the day in which to round up any interesting things that happened.

First on the list is a small experiment I did with color effects for some future kanzashi I’m thinking about. I was trying to find an easier way to get gradient effects or strategically placed hints of additional colors on my petals and leaves. I wasn’t digging the idea of using dye; I had tried a few times and it ended poorly. So, I decided to try using my copic markers.

In this case I tried a very light pink. the edges were a little¬† hard, so I took a colorless blender to smooth it out. It turned out pretty well but I don’t know what the long term effects (if any) there will be on the silk fabric. Here’s what they look like flat (or relatively flat).

If you add color to the four corners it will give you color on the interior of the flower, but if you put color directly in the middle of the square it gives you color on the exterior of the flower.

For my next project I want to do a medium sized piece or maybe group of small hair pins for the upcoming spring giveaway. Spring is all about cherry blossoms in Japan, so I think that’s what I’m going to go for.

Since my birthday is coming up (in February) I’m thinking about making a headband for myself. I have pretty short hair, and I have always loved headbands, so it seems like a good choice, although it will take a long while to complete. Other ideas include a comb or kanzashi decorated box. I have a bunch of small cardboard ones in various shapes. I just need to give them a coat of white paint and I’ll be ready to start. I’m thinking the color scheme will be violet (amethyst, the February birthstone, is purple) and aqua blue with a bright minty green for the leaves. I also want to try experimenting with gold and/or silver leaf dust to see if I can get a metallic sheen to my petals.

Other thank fiddling around a little bit with kanzashi petals, I also played a little Minecraft. I started a new server last weekend with Allison (aka, the Saibeast), Tim and Ruby. I like driving my friends crazy by building pefectly square 7×7 mines with floors every four blocks down. That’s pretty boring stuff, but this is not:

A baby zombie riding a chicken! Allison got this screen cap cause it died right after I saw it, but it’s so cute! Ah, Minecraft. You never cease to amaze me.