Convention season is over, but Christmas Season is still going strong. Luckily, I’ve finished all of my Christmas shopping, crafting and wrapping early – along with planning for next year’s convention season – so I finally have time to work on personal projects and a sculpture commission for a nine-tailed fox and fox kit.

Through the magic of the internet friendship, and powerful tools like Roll20 and Discord, my husband and our band of far-flung friends have begun a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Although Dave & I are long time fans of Critical Role, we’re all pretty new to playing an actual game of D&D ourselves.

Dave and I have played a few short encounters with other friends DMing locally here in Saskatoon, but Dave decided to run this new game which we jokingly refer to as Everyone Dies at the Beginning.

I find it slightly chafing that I can’t discuss details of the game and story with Dave, since  he’s the DM, but I think Dave enjoys being able to tease me as much as he wants.

My friend Allison and I are both artists, so we’re working together to make character art and sprites. I don’t have a lot completed at the moment, but I did manage to pump out a sketch and inks for my glamour Bard – Sally Thistledown AKA Seraphina.

Sally is a kind of cross between Jem/Jerrica from classic 80’s animated show Jem, and your classic magical girl. She’s a halfling who plays lute, flute, lyre and …bagpipes. She transforms into star of popular children’s show performer Seraphina during performances. She escaped from her evil ex-manager, and has two adopted sisters (one half-orc, and one elf).

Sally’s has four companions –

  • Riggors, an oafish goliath barbarian
  • Kryptonia, a totally edgy human rogue
  • Eyre, a pale red (not pink) Tiefling druid
  • and Stahl, a pyromaniac human sorcerer

I am super excited to see what adventures we get up to with our band of merry murder hobos.

Since I was working on Sally’s character design, I also rounded out the design for my barbarian character from previous short encounters – Ellie Moon.

Ellie is a half-goliath barbarian and costume designer who grew up in a house of negotiable affection.

Ellie’s mother is a former exotic entertainer, having successfully completed a healer’s apprenticeship, and is the current lady-doctor of the Lollipop – a high end house of negotiable affection. Unlike her mother, Ellie doesn’t have the healer’s touch, but her upbringing did lend her a flair for fashion and drama. Ellie travels through the lands in search of inspiration for her couture fashion, jewelry and decor. She hopes to design jewelry and clothing for rich and famous clientele.

So, those are my two D&D characters – so far anyway!

How about you, do you guys play D&D? What kind of characters do you play? Tell me more in the comments! And of course, check back again next week for more art, crafts, or cookery!