Happy Friday everyone! I’m glad to be back in action on the blog after a short break last week. I have a bunch of projects that are in progress, but this week I’m going to share some sketches. I try to do a little drawing every week, but I don’t feel like there are enough sketches or sketches of good enough quality to really share. I’ve just been hoarding them and waiting until I had enough decent sketches to share them. I am trying to ramp up my drawing time, so I’ll try to do monthly sketch dumps from now on.

The first sketch is Tara from the TV show Dance Academy. I like to binge on Netflix shows when I’m working on art. I love dance and danced ballet myself for several years, so even though Dance Academy is a teenie bopper type show, I really enjoy it.

I also did a few sketches based on episodes of Critical Role a couple weeks ago.  I did a simple sketch of Vax, and a scene with Trinket, Vex, Vax and Percy. It was very sad times. Husband and I are big fans. If you haven’t been watching Critical Role on Geek and Sundry, I highly recommend it! Trinket the armored bear is my favorite. I tend to draw him as kind of derpy, but he’s actually pretty vicious when he fights.

I’ve been watching the new episodes every week, but I’m also watching back episodes to try and catch up. Right now I’m on episode 15.