I have always enjoyed creating things for my friends, and since I’ve been on a hat making kick I thought it would be cool to make a hat for one of my oldest friends, Allison – or Sai of Sai’s Scribbles and also the artist of the Switcheroo AU Stephen Universe comic on Tapas.  I always joke that she’s a bit gothy, and we both mourn that her parents decided against naming her Lydia (because how cool and gothy is Lydia?!). So, I knew this hat would be kind of gothy, but with glitz because it’s still me making it. Her personal mascot, Saichan, has little bat wings and usually wears all black or black and purple – which is her favorite color.

I picked up this woven sparkly black fabric from the remnant bin of the fabric store a little while ago and thought it would suit Allison. When I showed her the fabric options for her hat I was not surprised when she chose it. I plan to do an alternate version with the same navy blue dupioni silk that I used for my waterlily and dragonfly pillbox hat, which was my original thought when I was drawing the sketch for this hat.

The purple velvet band is the same vintage French silk that I used on the Ho-Ou Fascinator. I love working with this velvet, and even though I want to use up the materials that I have part of me also feels sad at the idea of running out of this particular material. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to work with what I have and only buy things when I run out of them – so I probably won’t be picking up new velvet for a while as I am trying to avoid purchases, and it’s pretty pricey to start with. I think when the time comes I’ll probably go with a different color – maybe a nice deep red or an emerald green. I’ve been stuck on purples and blues for a while and I’m ready to move to a new color.

I actually finished most of this hat early last week, but I realized I didn’t have a lace tape that coordinated well with the hat’s colors. After thinking about it I decided I would try dyeing the pink lace tape that I already have. I was concerned the dye wouldn’t take to the synthetic lace, as it was made for silk. My first dye bath didn’t seem to do anything, but after adding a generous amount of dark blue and letting it soak overnight it did change color.

Normally I would have just popped over to Michael’s and found the perfect color of lace tape or ribbon, but there is something very satisfying about not needing to.

Maybe I wouldn’t have chosen this greyish purple color for the finishing ribbon under normal circumstances, but it works – and most importantly, Allison is happy.

I normally ship my packages out with tracking, but I’ve been hearing some pretty unfortunate reports of lost mail and difficulties with international mail in general, so I won’t be sending this hat out until things have started to recover a bit. I’m thinking later this month I’ll feel more comfortable about shipping this, along with the bridal set I made for Virginia an the one I’m working on for another client, and just send them all out at the same time.

Today I’m planning to start a new ‘major’ project on my Twitch stream – either a Kingkiller Chronicles inspired tiara-like fascinator done in a stained glass style which is going to use techniques I’ve never tried before and only have a vague idea of how to proceed with, or a holographic wave with tsumami craft koi fascinator in a kokoshnik-esque shape. Maybe both? Who knows!

If that sounds interesting to you, I hope you’ll join me later today, and most days from here out, on Twitch where I’ll be hanging out with Hissabelle and making art! Come for the chill crafty times and drop a follow to find out when I’m live.