Medium Plum & Pine Kanzashi Hair Pin


Happy New Year, everyone. I wanted to start 2024 off right on the blog by posting something fitting the theme - a plum and pine hair pin that fits right into January's kanzashi calendar.

Medium Plum & Pine Kanzashi Hair Pin2024-01-19T20:11:57-05:00

The Last Saskatchewan Takarabune Hair Fork


When I went to Japan last October, I not only got to have a masterclass with students from around the world from designated cultural property holder, Tomura Kinuyo, but I also crafted a piece

The Last Saskatchewan Takarabune Hair Fork2024-01-04T19:44:42-05:00

Chrysanthemum & Crane Hair Fork


I'm on a bit of a roll this week, finishing up long standing work in progress projects - like this wirework chrysanthemum and crane piece that I started on sometime last year. While I

Chrysanthemum & Crane Hair Fork2023-09-05T11:16:03-04:00
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