Happy New Year, everyone. I wanted to start 2024 off right on the blog by posting something fitting the theme – a plum and pine hair pin that fits right into January’s kanzashi calendar.

However, that’s a bit simple of a piece to be taking up an entire blog post – especially since I’ve made variations on this particular type of hair pin many times before. So, I thought it would be more fun to make a video.

The video doesn’t show the entire process of making this hairpin from start to finish, but it does show how I finish my tsumami zaiku pieces – mostly using sellotape, a little PVA glue and thread.

You can find that video, along with other crafting videos, on my Youtube channel – Right Here!

If you’ve been sticking with me for a bit, you may recall that I said I would be releasing a new Youtube series documenting my trip to Japan, which happened last October. That will soon be launching very soon – next week even! I’ve actually spent the last few months sorting photos, chopping up video clips, and generally doing my best to make short – but hopefully still sweet – videos to share with y’all.

This year, my goal for this blog is to post a mix of my usual crafting projects, along with posts that coincide with my travel videos – adding a little bit more detail and context to the short form videos as they arrive on Youtube, Instagram, or maybe even TikTok. Although, I must say I’m not especially fond of TikTok.

Anyhoo, this Plum & Pine hair pin itself is now available in the Shop, if you’re interested in picking up this little ditty for yourself – or someone special. 🙂

I hope you check back again next week for more arts, crafts and travel goodness!