8 07, 2022

Fanciful Ear Cuffs


While tsumami zaiku is normally thought of in terms of hair accessories, I've always loved finding interesting ways to implement tsumami zaiku that doesn't involve hair. I also remember wanted to be able to

Fanciful Ear Cuffs2022-07-08T12:44:28-04:00
31 01, 2020

Bellflower & Butterfly Ear Cuff


Last year I made my first ear cuff, which I had intended to keep for myself since it was basically a prototype. But, it ended up becoming a gift for Mamechiyo when I met

Bellflower & Butterfly Ear Cuff2020-01-31T19:44:40-05:00
9 11, 2018

Bellflower Kanzashi


Before we got consumed with house-related projects, I was trying to finish some new large kanzashi pieces. Sometimes when I'm working on larger, more detailed pieces, I get distracted, but I always circle back

Bellflower Kanzashi2018-10-22T01:18:00-04:00


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