13 04, 2018

Crochet Dragon Security Blankie


One of my husband's cousins is getting ready to have a baby. New babies are super exciting, and I wanted to make a gift - but things are a little tight for us, so

Crochet Dragon Security Blankie2018-04-13T14:46:26-04:00
22 07, 2016

Tutorial and Free Pattern: Crochet Lace Collar with Ribbon


Last week I posted about crocheting some lace collars. While looking at someone else's projects is well and good, being able to make your own projects is even more fun. I know that when I

Tutorial and Free Pattern: Crochet Lace Collar with Ribbon2016-11-08T12:52:03-05:00
15 07, 2016

Lovely Lacey Things


A while back, Dave went on a business trip to Toronto. While he was gone I had a bit more free time than I usually did, and I wanted to find a productive way

Lovely Lacey Things2016-11-08T12:52:03-05:00


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