3 07, 2020

Choi Fish Tsumami-ga


I've did a few tsumami craft art pieces with removable hair pins last year as part of my The Pathos of Things collection, but kinda lost steam on that project. I've been slowly picking

Choi Fish Tsumami-ga2020-07-02T00:26:59-04:00
25 02, 2019

The Pathos of Things – Spring (Miniature)


I wasn't expecting to have this piece done quite so soon, but I'm pleasantly surprised to share with you all this next piece in The Pathos of Things collection - Spring (miniature). This piece

The Pathos of Things – Spring (Miniature)2019-03-02T19:02:42-05:00
15 02, 2019

The Pathos of Things – Autumn (Miniature)


I decided this year that instead of trying to produce a ton of small pieces, that I wanted to focus on creating larger pieces that stretch my creativity. Making little pins is fun, but

The Pathos of Things – Autumn (Miniature)2019-02-15T10:26:27-05:00


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