31 08, 2023

Chrysanthemum & Crane Hair Fork


I'm on a bit of a roll this week, finishing up long standing work in progress projects - like this wirework chrysanthemum and crane piece that I started on sometime last year. While I

Chrysanthemum & Crane Hair Fork2023-09-05T11:16:03-04:00
25 08, 2023

Sailor Moon Kanzashi Set


I've had the pieces for this set sitting on my desk partially finished for more than two years. Sailor Moon is one of my favorite animes, and I always thought it would be fun

Sailor Moon Kanzashi Set2023-08-25T14:52:39-04:00
28 07, 2022

Wisteria Halo Headband


Some time ago I purchased these simple halo headbands, thinking I would eventually do my own interpretation of the popular wisteria trellis kanzashi that is so famously associated with the maiko of Kyoto. I

Wisteria Halo Headband2022-07-28T15:50:11-04:00


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