18 05, 2018

Keyleth & The Raven


This weekend is Otafest in Calgary, where I'll be giving a presentation on tsumami zaiku. You can find me on Sunday, in Telus 103 from 3-4 PM. I'll be talking about kanzashi, doing a

Keyleth & The Raven2019-01-31T14:04:51-05:00
6 04, 2018

The Cobalt Reserve Reliquary


My husband and I, if you didn't know, are big fans of Critical Role. We watch the show together every Thursday as part of our date night ritual, and two years ago we got

The Cobalt Reserve Reliquary2019-01-31T14:04:30-05:00
9 12, 2016

Some Tomboy Love


My friend Mia is the artist/writer/creator of the generally fantastic graphic novel, Tomboy. Haven't heard of Tomboy? Well you should check it out. It's a fantastic mix of psychological thriller, police procedural, and magical

Some Tomboy Love2016-12-09T13:42:10-05:00


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