30 01, 2017

Silver Millennium Silverware Chest


Earlier this month all my things finally arrived from my home town. Aside from being excited about finally having a decent amount of clothes (and an indecent number of shoes, haha) I have also

Silver Millennium Silverware Chest2017-01-27T08:25:52-05:00
10 11, 2016

Nerdy Nesting: A Goobbue Rug


I'm sure ya'll noticed that I haven't been posting the last few weeks. Unfortunately, I've been very sick with some kind of horrible flu - and also most of my current projects have been

Nerdy Nesting: A Goobbue Rug2016-11-10T12:21:19-05:00
26 08, 2016

Tutorial: Kanzashi Display Case


Even though the Etsy Made in Canada Market isn't until the end of September, I know it will come up much faster than I'm thinking it will. So, aside from working on loads of

Tutorial: Kanzashi Display Case2016-11-08T12:52:02-05:00


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