27 02, 2017

Gothic Lolita Paper Dolls


Today's post is coming in a little later than I usually like, but better late than never, eh? This weekend I worked on a couple of new paper dolls with a gothic/sweet lolita theme.

Gothic Lolita Paper Dolls2017-02-27T14:32:31-05:00
9 12, 2016

Some Tomboy Love


My friend Mia is the artist/writer/creator of the generally fantastic graphic novel, Tomboy. Haven't heard of Tomboy? Well you should check it out. It's a fantastic mix of psychological thriller, police procedural, and magical

Some Tomboy Love2016-12-09T13:42:10-05:00
14 10, 2016

Faerie Paper Dolls


After months and months of kanzashi work, I decided to dedicate some time to drawing. When I was a little kid I found my Mom's hardcover version of the book Faeries by Brian Froud and

Faerie Paper Dolls2016-11-08T12:52:02-05:00


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