I’m on a bit of a roll this week, finishing up long standing work in progress projects – like this wirework chrysanthemum and crane piece that I started on sometime last year. While I finished the Sailor Moon Kanzashi Set right before Ganbatte Con, I actually wrapped up most of the elements in this kanzashi arrangement during the convention.

I am not a great salesperson; thankfully my husband enjoys being my salesman and is much better at interacting with people than I am. So, during shows I spend a lot of my time demonstrating my craft; working on new pieces so people who come by can see the process.

I often find myself scrambling to replace something that sold, but this past convention I decided I would work on larger pieces at the show instead of stressing myself out trying to replace things as they sold. I also had the advantage of preparedness; I’d had an abundance of stock going into this year’s show, so lack of stock wasn’t that much of a worry for me.

Finishing projects is something that I know many people struggle with. I don’t have any great tips for this; honestly, I still have a million half finished projects laying around. But, I will say that it feels very satisfying to have finished something that’s been on the back burner.

Aside from my exhibition piece, which needs to be a new, I think I want to keep this roll going and spend the rest of this year really trying to check things off my list of works in progress.

Anyhoo, that’s all for today. If you like this Chrysanthemum and Crane Hair Fork, it is now available in the Shop. Check back again soon for more crafty cool projects!